Carolyn Steptoe speaks on issues affecting Ward 5 and the city at large.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...About Herself

“It is not easy being a political maverick. Sometimes you stand alone. There is a lot of heat and pressure when you’re on the front line, particularly when you are defending the needs of the historically underserved in the community. But I am comfortable with that. I feel a very strong sense of duty to give voice to those unable to speak for themselves. It’s something I have done for a long time now.”

Ward 5 and the city at large have critical needs that, for far too long, have gone unmet. Run-away development, the deplorable conditions of our public schools, the current AIDS epidemic striking an estimated 1-in-20 of our residents, homelessness, crime, unemployment and underemployment are but a few of the critical issues current candidates and current politicians seem unable or unwilling to address in any meaningful way. I believe urban development must be undertaken in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the residents of Ward 5 and indeed the city as a whole. If elected, I shall work to ensure that the benefits of development translate into a better quality of life for all Ward 5 residents and not just a privileged few. I am especially committed to ensuring that historically underserved communities and residents share equitably in our city's prosperity, including but not limited to improved police protection. I am also committed to the council doing everything within its authority to ensure that traditional public schools have the funds needed to provide high quality education to all our students.

Much Needs To Be Done And If Elected, Here Are a Few of My Priorities:
· a new full service, primary care 300-bed hospital for underserved and uninsured residents.
· increased funding for the traditional DC public school budget accompanied by performance goals and incentives to improve the quality of education.
· new, state-of-the-art vocational-technical schools provide a skilled workforce able to earn income that permits them to reside comfortably in the District of Columbia.
· require developers to pay ‘impact fees’ which will add immediate revenue to the District budget. Increased revenue means better services to residents.
· quality recreational facilities are needed in neighborhoods to provide diverse activities and quality-of-life services to residents.
· hire and train additional police officers on force to patrol the streets of all our neighborhoods.
· ensure all residents receive fair, equitable and quality services, not just the affluent.

Who Is Carolyn Steptoe?
· Native Washingtonian, Brookland resident since 1998
· Member, DC Statehood Party since 1992
· CEO, Twilight Legal Services, Inc.
· Graduate, DCPS, Frank W. Ballou Sr. High
· Alumna, School of Nursing, Catholic University of America
· Graduate, University of District of Columbia, BA, History
· MBA, MHRM candidate, Dual Masters Program, Keller Graduate School of Management

Community Involvement
· Community Organizer – helped to stop efforts to designate Brookland
neighborhood “historic.” “Historic” has imposed burdens on propertyowners with respect to, among other things, the renovation, repair and maintenance of their properties.
· Community Facilitator – responded to Ward 5 vice principal’s requests to work
to help get a crossing guard assigned to school. Helped facilitate school’s meeting with a local developer.
· Church Bus Driver, Guildfield Missionary Baptist Church.
· Former Tutor, The Maya Angelou Public Charter High School.
· Active, Court Appointed Special Advocate, District of Columbia Superior Court, Volunteers for Abused and Neglected Children.
· Former Mentor, Center for Child Protection and Family Support.
· Former Phone Counselor, Prevent Child Abuse of Metropolitan Washington.
· Former Tutor, Beacon House (Edgewood Terrace)/Project NorthStar.
· Former Sunday School Teacher, Saint Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church.

Moratorium on Charter Schools - Carolyn Steptoe Agrees With Superintendent

Campaign Release #6

Ward 5 City Council Candidate
Carolyn C. Steptoe and DCPS Superintendent Clifford Janey –


In today’s Washington Post (8/15/06, Metro Section, B1), Superintendent Clifford B. Janey calls for “a moratorium on new charter schools in the District, saying the independently run publicly funded facilities are draining students and cash from the traditional school system while failing to offer a high quality alternative.”

Carolyn Steptoe agrees with the Superintendent’s stance and so stated publicly at the Monday, July 31 Ward 5 city council candidate forum. The forum was sponsored by ACORN and held at the Trinity Baptist Church in Ivy City.

When the moderator asked candidates what they would do to improve schools, (specifically nearby Webb Elementary), candidate Carolyn Steptoe was the only candidate to respond “I agree with what Superintendent Janey said recently - that the council needs to issue a moratorium on charter schools. Charter schools are not only draining money from the traditional DC public school kitty, but there are no definitive performance assessment data or studies showing student learning at charter schools is superior to the traditional DCPS environment. I can also attest to what I saw as a former volunteer tutor in what is considered the ‘model’ public charter high school in this city. This school receives large amounts of money and grants and it’s a lovely school. However, over a three-year period, my experience in tutoring these students was that the classroom source material, teaching and learning were not superior to the traditional DCPS high school environment. I believe too much of our tax dollars are going into charter schools when this money should remain in our traditional DC public schools. I agree with the Superintendent’s position that the council should issue a moratorium on charter schools.”As council member I would make the moratorium a matter of legislation. I would also seek to serve on the Committee of Education, Libraries and Recreation. This Committee determines the budget for our schools. It also has direct oversight as to how monies are spent. We must have definitive, trackable performance measures that are fairly and uniformly tied to the budget allocation for both the traditional DC public schools and the city’s charter schools.

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